I'm on a rollercoaster that only goes up.

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"I need some louder speaking actions
They do what letters could never do
You see, you are my addiction
I need more than words to show you
So listen"

I'm Giselle c:
I follow back. i reblog whatever. some is queued. ask me if you want to know more.

current songs (July 17)

Your Love Is A Song by Switchfoot

Just One Yesterday by Fall Out Boy ft. Foxes

19 You + Me by Dan + Shay

look what i bought

It’s weird to talk to people after 2am


I want matty to take a selfie on my phone


fact: quiet people are aware they’re quiet

fact: depressed people are aware they’re depressed

fact: social anxiety sufferers are aware of themselves

fact: reminding them only makes them feel worse